Based out of Saint John, NB but available for booking worldwide.
We specialize in photographing weddings, elopements and couples.

Sean McGrath

Sean McGrath


So why is it important that you know who I am? Well if you are reading this, then there is a chance that I could be with you during some of the most important moments of your life. I think that’s a pretty good reason.

I’m not going to brag or ramble on about what I’ve done in the past, as the pictures you see on this website should be all you need to know about what I’ve done. So instead, I’ll just tell you who I am.

  • My 4 year old is my biggest inspiration
  • I never like to do the same thing twice.
  • I love real expressions and natural connections between people.
  • I love technology and am way more of a computer geek than I let on to be.
  • I had such an amazing time with my wife having our pictures taken, that I want to offer that same experience to other couples.
  • I’ll never ask you to smile. If I want you to smile, I’ll make sure you have a reason.
  • I’m a sucker for details, especially the little ones.
  • Your photos will mean as much to me as they will to you.
  • I’m actually a pretty shy person, but I’m working on it.
  • I believe in good over evil, karma and The Force.
  • I have crazy ideas that could potentially involve you.
  • I love my cats like children, and talk to them like children too.
  • The only reason I take pictures is because I love to.
Jeremy McLean

Jeremy McLean


I thoroughly enjoy photographing couples, and for a few different reasons. I get to meet new people and learn about their stories. I then get to put a timeless stamp on their most cherished memories and showcase what means the most to them in
this world, each other. I get to document love for a living, and I’m not sure if there’s a better profession than that. Creatively, I love taking photos that are different from anything I’ve seen before and emotionally, there’s nothing better
than couples getting to relive the feelings I’ve captured for them.

  • First and foremost I am a husband and father. Family is where my heart is.
  • I can often be found at one of many playgrounds around southern, New Brunswick as my daughter has an obsession with slides.
  • Sean has gotten me addicted to a new board game obsession.
  • I’m a moment and experience over stuff kind of guy.
  • Creativity keeps me centered and inspired.
  • I will always try to see the positive side of any situation.
  • I love tech, basketball, and a great story.
  • My photography journey is full of adventure, for both myself and the couples I work with.
  • I’m pretty sure I have woken up the neighbours with my outrageous laugh. If my neighbours are reading this, I’m sorry.
  • Lastly, I follow the light and the way of the force!