Here’s an event that I’m very proud to be a part of. Saint Strut is a fundraiser for the Saint John Regional Hospital Pediatric Department that is being hosted in the glamorous Delta Brunswick ballroom in Brunswick Square on October 10th. The event is being organized by the one and only, Judith Mackin and is a creative mashup involving fashion, film and architecture.

From a distance it may seem like just a fashion show, but for me personally it is about so much more. It’s about our city. It’s about sharing an evening with the great people of Saint John and showcasing all the beauty we are blessed to be around every day. My contribution is to provide films that will become the stage backdrops, so perhaps if fashion isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy some of the city’s everyday beauty that you may have overlooked your entire life. Filming these backdrops has opened my eyes to so many little subtleties of Saint John that I was never able to appreciated before, because I never knew they were there.

I hope to see you there.

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