After years of turning them down, I’ve started doing family sessions. Not the ‘sit and smile at the camera’ type of family session, but more real life, much in the way I document my own family.

I never would’ve thought when pulling into the driveway of Nicole and Ryan’s house that I was in for one of the most rewarding sessions of my life.

I captured one of the most important moments I’ve witnessed in all of my time as a photographer. To some it might not seem like a big deal, but if you knew Emmett’s story, you’d know this was a HUGE milestone for him. You see, this was the first time Emmett ever gave his mom a kiss. Not only that but he would do it repeatedly and laugh hysterically in between. It was perfect.

To quote Nicole:

Allow me to get sappy because something amazing happened today.
We finally had family photos taken today for the first (I KNOW) time. The extremely talented Sean McGrath came to Fredericton to spend an afternoon with us. Towards the end of the shoot I asked Sean if he should get going because I knew he had to be back home for a certain time. He said he could hang around for 10 more minutes and asked me to hold Emmett for a few shots. Emmett snuggled onto my shoulder as he usually does when we carry him…. only this time he straightened himself up to look at me. He was smiling and laughing and then got serious, leaned forward, puckered his lips and kissed me. He kissed me! And he kept doing it over and over again! He was purposefully leaning forward to kiss me. It was amazing. My heart was (and still is) exploding. Talk about an emotional way to end our first family photo shoot with first kisses from Emmett! And so happy Sean said he could stick around for 10 more minutes and asked me to hold Emmett. Such a special day.

Thank you Nicole, Ryan, Emmett and Eleonore for such a wonderful day.